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Is your computer running slow?  Over 85% of the time a computer runs slow is a result of spyware and viruses on your computer.

We get asked all of the time how spyware and viruses get on the computer, and why products like Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro do not stop viruses from getting onto your computer.

The simple answer is that if you connect to the Internet, you will get spyware and viruses.  The more you are online, the more spyware and viruses you will get.

PC-U specializes is spyware and virus removal.  We tune-up your computer while we eliminate the spyware and viruses, by optimizing the computer settings and eliminating unused files.

We offer a free diagnostic to determine whether spyware and viruses are the root cause of your problem.  Give us a call, or email us at info@yourpcguide.com with any questions, or to setup an appointment.



The Top 12 Signs That Your Computer Has Spyware.

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  1. When you start Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or FireFox, your default home page changes to something else.
  2. You go to a site and you get a message that your computer is being scanned for viruses.  This is spyware that nested itself on your computer and it wants you to click the link so that it can find out some information from you
  3. You get pop-up ads, even when you are not using the Internet.  Some of them have your name in them.
  4. You want to search for something and after you type in the words and press Enter, or click on the Go button you are redirected to another site.
  5. Items appear in your Favorites list and they were not there before.
  6. Your computer runs real slow and the applications or windows open real slow. They look like they are being painted on the screen.  If you are familiar with Task Manager and you open the application you notice that there are many processes running that you have not seen before.
  7. When you type in the name of a site to go to, you wind up on a different site.
  8. A toolbar appears that you did not install yourself, or a toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen.
  9. You notice that your hard drive light or cable modem lights start to blink very fast and often.
  10. You answered yes in a box to help the vendor do research.  This research could be surfing the Internet, or how you use a program.
  11. You suddenly receive emails with a common theme.  For example, coupons for a specific product or financial aid and credit cards by searching for college financing options.
  12. Spyware has become more intelligent and not detectable.  You should scan your computer at least once a week.

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